Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MRTJ Accel?

A start up acceleration program hosted by MRT Jakarta, the main objectives is Commercialization of startup solution or service as a result from collaboration between Startups and PT MRT Jakarta.

In 2022, MRTJ Accel is collaborating with the Future City Accelerator program, an initiative by Smart Change, a unique collaboration which emphasizes the Germany-Indonesia network, empowering Smart City and Urban Innovation ecosystems.


2. What is the background and main purpose of MRTJ Accel?

Startups has brought many new solutions or services in Indonesia, startup’s capability and adaptability to jumpstart innovation process. MRTJ Accel and Future City Accelerator (FCA) believes through collaboration with startups, MRT Jakarta can solve mobility-related problems in Jakarta faster and more efficient through a human-centered mobility ecosystem.


3. How to Join MRTJ Accel program?

Startup needs to register and submit the required document:

  • KTP of the contact person

  • Legal Document (NPWP, SIUPP, TDP)

  • MRTJ Accel One Pager

  • MRTJ Accel Presentation Pitch


4. What will startup gets from MRTJ Accel Program?

  • Access to MRT Jakarta Ecosystem, consist of 90.000 average daily rideship, 13 MRT Jakarta Station, tenants and TOD Area.
  • Access to mentors from internal MRT Jakarta, Founders and Veterans from startup and VCs
  • Strategic partnership with MRT Jakarta to commercialize startup solution or service within MRT Jakarta Ecosystem


5. How do I know if my startup is qualified for the program?

  • Startups that at least have minimum viable product
  • Having legal entity (proven by NPWP, SIUPP, TDP)
  • Indonesian citizen (Proven by KTP)
  • Having few clients/customers and investors are preferred


6. How do I find out the status of my application?

The status of the application will be announced through our website, social media channels, and directly to your contact preference.

Should you have any questions, please email at [email protected]