About MRTJ Accel


MRTJ Accel x Future City Accelerator (FCA): The MRTJ Innovation Challenge is established to transform Smart Mobility in Jakarta and accelerate its innovation efforts on a human-centered mobility ecosystem through synergy with the MRT Jakarta Ecosystem.

About Us:

MRTJ Accel program is a start-up acceleration program. The goal is to create a mutual benefit for the commercialization of solution or services as a result from collaboration between start-ups and PT MRT Jakarta.

Future City Accelerator is a program under Smart Change initiative, a unique collaboration which emphasizes the Germany-Indonesia network, empowering Smart City and Urban Innovation ecosystems.

Our Objective:

The objective of this program is to create a partnership with startups and launch new solutions that will benefit both parties such as to increase Revenue, Branding, and Customer Experience.

Why MRTJ Accel:

Startups will have many benefits through collaboration with MRT Jakarta. This collaboration may increase startups’ valuation, since the investors may find MRT Jakarta as an appealing partner. By accessing to MRT Jakarta ecosystem, startups can develop new ideas of used case and confirm it during the program. In addition, having relationship with MRT Jakarta is good for the Startups’ branding.