What Do We Do


The construction of MRT Jakarta started in October 2013 as the answer for citizens’ mobility problem. It is the time for Jakarta to have a better, faster, safer and more comfortable and accessible transportation system. MRT Jakarta Commercial operation started in March 2019 and it shows MRT Jakarta’s ability to provide better, faster and more reliable and accessible transportation system for citizens of Jakarta.

MRT Jakarta Accel launch is in-line with PT MRT Jakarta’s vision to stimulate economic growth through mobility improvement, traffic reduction, and development of urban transit system. Through this program PT MRT Jakarta will collaborate with startups that has the ability to be in-line with PT MRT Jakarta’s Vision


MRTJ Accel:

MRTJ Accel program is a 6-month start-up acceleration program. Throughout this program, the selected startups will have access to MRT Jakarta ecosystem, such as our passengers, station facilities, rolling stocks, and Transit Oriented Development area (Areas around MRTJ Station). This program also provides high-caliber mentors that consist internal MRTJ Team, founders, and veteran players from start up and VCs.

The main objectives of this program is to create a mutual benefit for the commercialization of solution or services as a result from collaboration between start-ups and PT MRT Jakarta.


Why MRTJ Accel:

Startups will have many benefits through collaboration with MRT Jakarta. This collaboration may increase startups’ valuation, since the investors may find MRT Jakarta as an appealing partner. By accessing to MRT Jakarta ecosystem, startups can develop new ideas of used case and confirm it during the program. In addition, having relationship with MRT Jakarta is good for the Startups’ branding.

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